How to deal with suspect error in MS SQL Server?

MS SQL Server when engrossed with corruption issue poses problem for the user in accessing the database. There is one such catastrophic issue of ‘database suspected error’ that results in serious threats to the SQL database users. Suspect error issue erupts when SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) fall prey to corruption.

SSMS is an important part of SQL Server and its function is to successfully configure, manage, develop and access all the SQL server components in a collaborative manner. You have to start the SQL Server Management Studio first before accessing the database tables, queries, triggers, stored procedures, etc. But when it is badly hit or gets damaged, all SQL database components like tables, queries, triggers, stored procedures, rules, user functions, etc. become out of reach.

Situation goes like this - you try to connect to SQL database by opening SSMS but to your surprise you get flooded with database suspect error saying,

"Database 'msdb' cannot be opened. It has been marked suspect"

With above error, SQL Server stops and leaving you perplexed.

So what could be done in such time of SQL database corruption? Well you can take help of convenient SQL Server Repair tool to repair SQL database and to retrieve all lost database components. But before that it’s important to know about the main cause of the problem so that necessary troubleshooting could be undertaken. When any or both of the following conditions are true, you come across suspect error.

  • The error log file does not match with the database file
  • Corruption in SQL database .MDF file

If there is a case of log file mismatching, then use inbuilt utility of SQL Server i.e. sp_resetstatus. With the help of SQL Server Repair Tool user is able to change the SQL database status and access the SQL database again.

Download SQL Database Recovery

In case, corruption is the problem then in order to access the SQL database, you need to repair SQL .mdf database file using professional SQL Server Repair software. This efficient SQL Recovery software is the best solution available for repairing badly damaged MDF and NDF database file and that too in just few minutes. SQL Server Repair Software to repair SQL server database file and retrieves damaged primary, foreign and unique keys and recover all objects of SQL database such as triggers, stored procedures, views, rules, defaults, tables and records etc. It repairs corrupt MDF files created using MS SQL versions 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005 and 2000. It recovers even UNICODE characters. User can download the evaluation version of the software for free for analyzing the repairing capability of the software. SQL Database repair tool efficiently handles the suspect error and shows you positive results.

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